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Can You Install Quicken on Multiple Computers?
about 3 years ago

Quicken is a personal finance management tool developed by Quicken Inc. However, after purchasing this software, users might have some doubts and one of such doubts is whether installation of Quicken is on multiple computers is possible or not. To know the answer, you can go through the following description.


For Quicken (All versions) 2018 Release


Quicken (All versions) has been released 2018 version and you will glad to know that no limit is there on the number of computers for the installation of Quicken. That means you can sign in with the identical Quicken ID on every computer because the respective membership is connected with the particular user’s Quicken ID. 


What are others Features of Quicken 2018 Release for Windows?


  • Users can get access to 11,000+ online billers as well as PDF downloads of the bill.
  • This particular version also provides the facility of options for expanded custom report layout. It also offers direct Excel export facility.
  • Users will have the latest features and that is also without any requirement of the upgrade.
  • They will also get a secure online backup of 5GB for their Quicken files with an eminent file hosting service – Dropbox.
  • Users can relocate as well as archive the features related to investments transaction (Deluxe and above).
  • This specific version offers great performance analysis facility with ‘buy and hold’ comparison (Premier and above).
  • Users will also get free of cost Quicken Bill Pay along with the priority access feature to Quicken phone support* (Premier and above).
  • Users will have custom invoices accompanied by their logo, color as well as payment links (Home, Business, and Rental Property).
  • Users will also have E-mail rent reminders along with receipts (Home, Business & Rental Property)*.

Quicken 2017 for Windows or Mac (and previous) and Quicken Canada 2016 and 2015


Users can perform the installation procedure on three computers at a maximum in a single household, according to their particular Quicken End User License Agreements.


If you are going to install Quicken on a three or less than computers in total at the present moment, then you don’t need to buy extra copies of Quicken for the purpose of installation on the next computers or for the reinstallation of Quicken on the existing computer. For more information, you can contact the quicken technical support team.


In case you have purchased a CD, then you can make use of the same Quicken CD for the installation of Quicken on the three computers at the maximum in the particular household. You don’t require investing on another CD for the reinstallation of Quicken tool.


However, if you have purchased a download, then you can sign in to your Quicken.com account from maximum three separate computers for downloading and installing Quicken.


Can you use the same Quicken data file on more than the single computer?


A file can be relocated from one computer to another, however, you will not be able to use it on both computers concurrently. Quicken should be installed on every computer. You can search for instructions to relocate your data file to another computer or you can contact quicken com contact support.


Can you use or install Quicken on a network?


You should stay away from sharing or making attempts to synchronize Quicken data files between computers over a network because it might result in damage to a data file. You also should not install Quicken on a network, as Quicken has not been designed for the utilization of it over a shared drive or a network.


Quicken is able to save your data incrementally while it is entered. Whenever you save Quicken data files locally that means straightforwardly on the hard drive on your computer and on a network, then it will alleviate the risk regarding data loss. Network instability or the utilization of a single data file by many users simultaneously will frequently cause the issues concerning data integrity.


For the sake of Quicken Mobile App, users can view their synchronized Quicken accounts from various different mobile devices, in case they go for it.


You can call quicken support phone number to know more about Quicken installation. 

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